No Time To Cook? No Problem.

No Time To Cook? No Problem.

Order seafood pre-cooked at our market in Sebago, ME

Maybe you have a busy schedule and just don't have time to prepare and cook seafood at home. You don't have to settle for whatever's in the fridge. You can order seafood in advance and have it pre-cooked and waiting for you. Stoney Brook Lobster Pound will take your order for fresh seafood at our fish market in Sebago, ME up to a day in advance. We'll give you a pick up time so you can get your seafood and get out the door as quickly as possible.

Make fresh-cooked meals possible every night when you order seafood from our market. Call 207-637-1284 for more information.

There's no limit on how much seafood you can order

Seafood isn't just for family meals. It's also a great option for parties and special events. Stoney Brook Lobster Pound accepts any size order for fresh seafood. We'll prepare enough pre-cooked fish and shellfish for every mouth you need to feed and have it cooked and waiting for your arrival.

Set up your order by contacting us today.